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We buy porcelain!

We would like to make the purchase as easy as possible for you.

In advance, we will be happy to help you determine the series name of your dinnerware, provided that we have the porcelain manufacturer in our program.

We will guide you through the entire purchase process. From our fast and uncomplicated Express-Request, to the prefabricated forms, to the topic of packaging and shipping, we are at your side with advice and support throughout the sale of your porcelain.

We will provide package stamps for shipping your china, so there is no cost to you for selling your china.

By the way, you can have the prepaid packages picked up by DHL. On the Website of DHL you can order the collection of your china.

Your time is important to us. In order to quickly clarify whether we are interested in purchasing your porcelain at all, please send us in advance a Express-Request

We will tell you promptly if we are interested in your dishes and what information, if any, we need to make a purchase offer for your porcelain.

To make the purchase of your tableware as easy as possible for you, we provide an Online Purchase Form in addition to our Express-Request. All relevant data for the sale can be entered there and you will receive a purchase offer for your porcelain as quickly as possible.

In addition, you will find various predefined lists such as a checklist and an inventory list to print out and take with you.

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Steps to your porcelain sale


optional step | Duration: 1 minute

You are not sure whether we are at all interested in buying your porcelain or you have not yet collected detailed information? First, make an express inquiry in which you simply tell us the manufacturer and the dinnerware series you would like to sell.


Gather information

For the preparation of a purchase offer we need various information. For this purpose, we provide you with a checklist as well as various forms to assist you in collecting data about your porcelain. The more complete the information, the faster we can send you an offer.

Supporting documents


Online Purchase Form
Duration: 5 minutes

Also with our purchase form we would like to support you in the best possible way with your porcelain sale. In just a few steps, you can enter all the relevant information for a sale that we need for the offer. This way we can submit you a purchase offer for your tableware as quickly as possible.

Fill in the purchase form!


Receive your offer

You will receive a written purchase offer from us for your porcelain to be sold with a validity period of 7 days. Due to the large number of purchase requests, we unfortunately have to limit the period of validity in order to be able to dispose. In practice, the validity period can usually be kept longer. Of course, after accepting the offer, you will have enough time to ship or deliver the porcelain.


Dispensing or shipping

If you deliver your porcelain to us or we pick it up from you, we will arrange an appointment with you. Delivery is also possible on weekends. When shipping, we will advise you, gladly also in a personal conversation, on the subject of packaging and provide you with detailed instructions. In addition, we provide the package stamps, so that you do not incur any shipping costs in the event of a sale.



Upon personal delivery of the porcelain, we pay the purchase price in cash. However, if desired, the amount can also be transferred. If you send us the china, the payment will be made after receipt of goods and inspection of the porcelain by bank transfer or, if desired, by PayPal.

Frequently asked questions

About your porcelain

Hardly any manufactory writes the series name on the bottom of the dishes, which can complicate the sale of a porcelain. Thus, terms such as Selb, Bavaria, Meissen or Limoges are merely an indication of the manufactory's location. Especially at Rosenthal, the label Classic Rose or Studio Line only stands for an internal product line.

We would be happy to help you find out what your porcelain is called. Just send us a photo showing a coffee pot, a tin or a bowl with a lid. The shape of the handles and grips of the tableware pieces will make it easier to identify a series.

It is irrelevant what a tableware originally cost. In the case of old series, supply and demand determine the price at a sale.

The composition of the service plays a significant role. As a rule, frequently used dinnerware such as cups and plates trade at a higher price due to higher demand. Formerly expensive accessories such as coffee pots or serving platters, which are hardly in demand anymore, lose value disproportionately.

Basically, the longer a dinnerware set is out of production, the greater the price drop. Storing a service and hoping it will become more valuable makes no sense.

After all, if you offer us your own service for sale, you know how it was used. Whether you had it in normal everyday use, or it was the holiday tableware, which was used rarely and only on special occasions.

In the case of porcelain that has not been used by you personally, it is advisable to take a critical look at the tableware parts. Especially on the basis of plates, platters or bowls, i.e. parts that come into contact with cutlery, you can classify the state of use of a service. Even a non-expert can see relatively easily whether a plate has rarely been used and has only a few fine scratches or whether it has many cutlery marks due to everyday use.

We would like to offer our customers only very well preserved porcelain in mint condition. We do not buy a service normally used in everyday life.

2nd choice or B-goods are items with production-related, optical defects. Rosenthal and Hutschenreuther mark this tableware with a grinding line that goes through the porcelain brand. Other manufacturers do not make any marking on the tableware.

But even the layman can easily spot the, albeit usually minimal, production defects. Most often you can find the following defects on the dishes: one or the other small spot, pinholes, decorative defects or a colored glaze inclusion.

About the processing

In case of personal delivery we pay the purchase price for the porcelain in cash. However, you must bring some time for the inspection of the goods. Of course, you can also simply hand over the dishes and we will transfer the purchase price to you.

If you send us the dishes, the payment will be made after receipt of goods and inspection by bank transfer or, if desired, PayPal.

If the effort is reasonable, we will also pick up the china at your location. Should only a collection of the porcelain come into question for you, please inform us of this in your purchase request, stating the location.

Delivery or collection depends on the location as well as the volume of the china. As a rule, the dishes are sent or brought to us.

When shipping, we will guide you through the entire process. We will tell you how to pack dishes in a break-proof way and where the necessary shipping materials for the china can be obtained at a reasonable price. Of course, we are also available to you by telephone. In addition, you will receive parcel stamps from us, so that no shipping costs will be charged to you.

Delivery can be made by yourself or by third parties (family, friends, carpool).

All personal data from your purchase request will be used exclusively within the scope of this and deleted immediately after processing. They will not be passed on to third parties.

About our offer

We receive a lot of purchase requests. In order to be able to dispose, our purchase offers have a validity period of 7 days. In practice, the validity period can usually be maintained longer.

If you do decide to accept the offer made to you after the deadline, just ask.

The basis of the calculation is the existing tableware and the current market prices. The average storage time, our inventory and the expected short-term value development of the porcelain are also taken into account.

In principle, yes, but we recommend that you make an Express-Request or call us beforehand to find out whether we are interested in purchasing your dishes.

If there are any changes, please inform us by e-mail. You will then receive a new purchase offer for your porcelain.

Supporting documents

Print & Takeaway

Checklist & Inventory

You can print out our inventory list and fill it out by hand. The checklist will help you compile all the relevant information for a purchase offer.

Fill in on Computer

Inventory lists Word & Excel

You can fill out the inventory list, which already lists all common tableware items, directly on your PC. The list is available to you either in Word or Excel format.