Petite Fleur

Idyllic country house flair

Remember grandma's flower service that was only ever served on Sundays?

With Petite Fleur, Villeroy & Boch has taken up this theme and reinterpreted it on the familiar basic Louis XIV shape. Fragrant horned violets, dainty daisies, sky-blue forget-me-nots and bright red rose hips adorn the dinnerware and spread a cheerfully romantic atmosphere.

No matter what the occasion, the event or the time of day, with Petite Fleur from Villeroy & Boch you will always create the perfect ambience.

Collection-related Note:

The Petite Fleur Collection was produced in two different types of porcelain by Villeroy & Boch. The respective type of porcelain is indicated on the article pages. For more information click here: Differentiation between Premium Porcelain and Vitro Porcelain